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Ginger Chicken

Freaky dish, so I’ll post my secret recipe.  Shhhhhhhhhh don’t tell,  here is a yummmy dish you can cook up very quickly, well as quickly.

Ingredients:  Ginger (real Ginger) which you can get at your local super market, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, water, salt, choice of beef or chicken, oyster sauce.

1.  Slice up the ginger so they are thin pieces like tooth picks for a serving of two people maybe chop up a branch say 3″ long.

2.  Smash the garlic and place it in a pan with some olive oil till light brown.

3.  In a bowl, pour about two three table spoon of soy sauce, 1 1/2 table spoon of sugar, a pinch of salt, a table spoon of oyster sauce, and maybe a table spoon of water, but don’t dilute it too much, cause then you’ll loose the flavor.

4.  Slice up your meat, bite size, however you like it, but just note, the bigger the pieces the longer it takes to cook.

5.  When the garlic is light brown, dump the chicken into the pan till it is cooked, place a lid on the pan so the chicken stays moist.

6.  Dump the mixture of sauces into the pan, stir then place the ginger that you sliced into the pan.

7.  Stir and cover for about 4 minutes.

8.  Yummy dish, and best served with white jasmine rice.

I’ve made this dish all through college and it’s quick and delicious, and super healthy.  Got more where this came from.


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